First Class Limousine Rental Policy



Rental Deposit:

In order to book your limousine service, we require a the following for each rental service listed below. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checks, Money Orders or Cash.
All deposits are Non-refundable and Non-transferable.

  • Hourly Rentals: A deposit of 2 hours of the vehicle hourly rate will is due upon the booking of the limousine.
  • Weddings: A 30% deposit of the contract total will be due upon booking of the limousine.
  • Proms: A deposit will be due upon booking of the limousine based on the vehicle type. That information can be found on the page with prom pricing or calling into the office.
  • Airport/Transfers: No deposit is needed to book and airport or one way transfer.  We do, however, hold a credit card number on file for security purposes.

Payment of Balance:

  • Hourly Rentals: Final payment will be collected the night of the trip. You may either pay the driver cash or he/she will collect your credit card information once again. If a person is paying that did not book the trip, ID will be required to use a different card number.
  • Weddings: Final payment is due 7 days before the wedding in cash or certified bank check ONLY. Credit cards may be used until 60 days before your wedding for payments. Personal checks are accepted up until 30 days before your wedding date. Overtime is due the day of the wedding and can be paid in cash or with a credit card.
  • Proms: Final payment is due at the first pick up in cash or certified bank check. Overtime is due the night of the trip and can be paid in cash or with a credit card.
  • Airports/Transfers: Payment is due at the time of the trip and can be paid in cash or by providing the chauffeur your credit card information. You can also fill out a Credit Card Authorization form and we will bill the card on file after each trip.


Cancellation Policy:

  • Hourly Rentals: If cancellation occurs 48 hours before the event, customer is responsible for the full balance. If cancellation occurs before 48 hours of the date of the trip, client will lose the deposit.
  • Weddings: If cancellation occurs prior to 60 days before the wedding, client is responsible for the immediate payment of the full balance. An email requesting the cancellation must be sent to If cancellation occurs before 60 days of the wedding, customer will lose the deposit and any payments made.
  • Proms: If cancellation occurs within 45 days of the prom, client is responsible for the immediate payment of the full balance. If cancellation occurs before 45 days, client will lose deposit and any payments made. An email requesting cancellation must be sent to
  • Airport/Transfers:If canceled before the day of the trip, there is no cancellation fee. If the driver shows up at the job and client cancels or is a no show, client is responsible for the payment of the full balance.

Modifications and Confirmation Policy:

  • Hourly Rentals: We will call you the day before the trip to confirm all times and locations. Only the person who booked the trip can update the details unless we have prior authorization to do otherwise.
  • Weddings: You will receive a call 2-3 weeks before your wedding date to confirm all pick up times and locations. Only the bride and groom or person booking the trip are able to make changes or receive information about the booking. If you have a wedding planner, please let us know their name and number when booking your limousine and if they are authorized to update contract details.
  • Proms: You will receive a call the week before the prom to go over the details of the booking. Only the person booking the vehicle is allowed to get information or update the reservation period.
  • Airport/Transfers: You will receive a call the day before the trip to confirm the details of the reservation. We will call out departures and transfers. We do not call out to confirm arrivals, but we do track the flight information you provided us. If anything changes with times or flight numbers, you must notify us in the office.

Delay Policy and Mechanical Failure:

In case of mechanical failure or Acts of Nature, First Class Limousine is responsible for a maximum refund of limousine rental at a prorated rate only. No refund will be provided if a replacement vehicle of equal or greater value is provided and/or offered to the customer. We reserve the right to make comparable substitutions in the event of unforeseen mechanical failures. In case of delay due to Acts of Nature, unexpected traffic, road conditions and/or severe weather conditions, we will modify the pick-up and drop off time accordingly to reflect the amount of time caused by the delay. If we deem that the weather conditions are too dangerous for the vehicle to go out, we will notify you promptly and offer a full refund.


Damage Policy and Fees:

The client is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by themselves or others that he/she allows into the vehicle. There is NO SMOKING, VAPING, EATING or ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES allowed in the vehicle.  There is a $250 sanitation charge for vomit, food, or fluid spills within the vehicle. If there is excessive clean up due to glitter, party favors, not using garbage receptacles, etc a clean-up fee of v$100 is enforced as well. If there is damage to the vehicle such as holes/tears in seats, damage to floors or ceilings or the body of the car, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs. First Class Limousine is not responsible for any items left in the vehicle. There is a $15 charge for missing or broken glasses.



Every contracted limousine is insured at $5,000,000.00.


Chauffeur Training:

Our customer safety is our top priority. At First Class Limousine every chauffeur has gone through extensive training concerning our company policies and procedures. All chauffeurs’ driving records are continuously monitored to ensure customer safety. Any driver of a limousine has been fingerprinting and drug testing prior to employment. They are also randomly tested throughout the year. Professional, courteous and safe chauffeurs’ guarantee that your travel will be truly “First Class”.